Exhibition : One Hundred Days, One Hundred Nights.

May.31 .2017

One Hundred Days, One Hundred Nights

陳亞琦 「100 100夜」實驗刺繡展
Val Chen  "100 Days 100 Nights" Embroidery Exhibition

// Exhibition Introduction //

Many people associate embroidery with adjectives such as classical, traditional, Chinese, or to an image of ancient Oriental elegance. When modern people hear the word embroidery, the picture of a virtuous lady learning needlework in her room will most likely emerge in the head.

The craft of embroidery has a long history. Undoubtedly, for thousands of years, skilled embroiderers have made pieces of mesmerizing artworks through intelligence and techniques. In the past when I studied in the department of fashion design, I understood that it was necessary to devote a lot of time on developing and refining such acquired skills; however, other than that, modern people’s impression of this craft seems to be something vintage, retrospective, or nostalgic.

To me, however, embroidery is “bold re-creation on surface of fabric.” Through weaving various interesting threads, clothes that are originally ordinary are given a variety of patterns; it is like thriving vines stretching and covering the façade of a building, transforming it into a brand new scenery. It is graffiti where the media are needle and thread, and it is also the declaration of conquest of all fabrics.

What an exciting, experimental, and truly challenging creative domain?

In the past few years, aside from my job as a designer, I have continued to invest my free time on small scale, experimental embroidery works in order to find escape from large commercial model of design. Countless small and intricate embroidery hoops are like petri dishes; with my own hands, I place in them reactants, which, through days and nights of catalyzing, finally form a micro-cluster. Like homework, I continue to practice design on these tiny things, demanding myself to be engaged in creative work every day at a certain time.

Through the notes and ideas over these few years, I just so happened to reach one hundred works of independent experimental embroidery before the opening of the exhibition. This is destined (I guess), and therefore I named the exhibition “One Hundred Days, One Hundred Nights.”


// About the Curator //

Graduated from Department of Fashion Design, Shih Chien University, and currently a graduate student at the Graduate Institute of Communication Design, Shih Chien University.  Professionally, she works as a graphic designer and fashion stylist, and has developed an interest in embroidery, treating it as her own daily creative exercise.
In 2011, she launched the “Twins” collection while she was in university. She worked with Riverbed Theatre later, and has since delved into the field of costume design. In 2013, she launched the “Caisson” collection, and established in 2014 her own studio, humancloning. More recently, she has focused on costume design and graphic design, and has produced extensive designs for fashion brands, theatrical costumes, and styling; she also works as art director for music videos.

Exhibition Date: 2017.05.27-07.09
Workshop: 2017.06.24 13:00-18:00
Website: https://goo.gl/zSKP9E

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