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design magazine is published by Taiwan Design Center. Since the first issue in 1980, it has become the leading media for design related information and platform of exchange in Taiwan over the past 35 years. In 2005, Taiwan Design Center made major changes to the layout of design magazine.

The new version of design magazine introduced in 2006 further covers all areas of design on top of the original scope of industrial design, focusing on “branding, creativity, and lifestyle” to present related news, product information, brand studies, and market trends. Taiwan Design Center regularly organizes expert forums and design competitions, and carries out feature stories on hot topics to introduce the latest design concepts.

2016      The latest revision that introduces Taiwanese perspectives on the Asian market, presenting in-depth observations on creative events and viewpoints of the Chinese-speaking circles.
2014       The first design magazine in Taiwan to publish in both Chinese and English, inviting all readers around the world to read about design in Taiwan.
1980       The first design magazine in Taiwan that brings the world to readers in Taiwan.

First Issue: March 5, 1980
Date of Publication: Bimonthly on the Fifth
Circulation: 68,000
Regions: Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Americas

Website: www.designxboco.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/designxboco
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Subscription Hotline: (02)2745-8199#396

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